About Us

Who is Bozzetto?

Bozzetto is a group of freelancers specialized in different creative and editorial areas united under the concept of teleworking.
This is why Bozzetto was born in Colombia and then expanded to Italy and Panama without losing contact with all their collaborators. Our team are composed by graphic designers, web developers, illustrators, photographers and journalists from different countries around the globe.


What does Bozzetto do?

Bozzetto gives creative solutions with the highest quality and responsibility. Is able to develop and execute digital projects, editorials, graphics, advertising, journalistic and photography.

How do we work in Bozzetto?

Regardless of distances, We integrate our collaborators through our online platform and in the official headquarters in Panama we take care to unite all these personalities and give final form to teamwork. We particularly encourage creativity, the exchange of ideas and the multiculturalism that enrich each one of our projects.

What do we believe in?

We believe in teamwork and the quality of the work that we deliver to our clients. This is why we based our business relationship on responsibility and reciprocal respect. We are aware of the investment and the trust that our clients give us and therefore we work with all the seriousness that is required having always in mind the goals and the Time frames stipulated for each project.

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